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Online Venture Launch is a Real-world approach, students learn the stages of a business start-up and are prepared with a working business plan to begin an entrepreneurial venture — not “someday,” but today.

Get Venture Launch’s step-by-step, hands-on interactive and fun lessons which will give any teen a head start on becoming innovative, self-reliant and eventually realizing ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a real world career option!

Hello All!

It's time we provide our youths with fun real-world business skills and knowledge so we they can possibly become self-sufficient innovators who can understand early on in life that business ownership, investing and doing what you LOVE in life is not a pipe dream for only “some” people in life.

YoungBiz USA’s NEW training program will teach youths how to START, SELL, and how to use your IDEAS!

Teens using this program don’t parents who are business experts or teachers with years of business experience, because that is OUR job. This is what the program is for! Instead all you need are parents who will support your interest in entrepreneurship and business! 

YoungBiz USA’s Online Venture Launch will teach you -- just like we have for thousands of students who take the lesson at home or in a school across the USA -- how businesses start, to understand how it operates and how it grows. And we make it interactive and FUN!

You'll learn how people have started from scratch and gone on to build successful businesses!

You’ll learn that BUSINESS and ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a true Career option!

It’s time to get real-world skills that you can use and develop now as a youth so you can rise to great heights when it’s time to enter the REAL WORLD!


Signup for Online Venture Launch right now and you'll get:

1. Online Venture Launch 10 - LESSON ONLINE COURSE (10-50 program hours of Training) (Value $1,997) Brand new 10-Lesson student training course with an instructor side as well for educators, parents and trainers to facilitate. Online Venture Launch can be broken down and delivered in 10 hours or 50 Hours depending on your educational needs and goals. You have access to the course for life and can go at your own pace. Online Venture Launch takes you on a deep-dive into:

Lesson 1: Fantastic Voyage – Will show you how to get ready to go on your Entrepreneurship Journey.
Lesson 2: Planning Your Course – When you have a plan, your chance of succeeding goes UP! We’ll show you how to plan and prepare.
Lesson 3: Off To The Planet of Riches – This lesson will teach what aspect of business needed to understand when getting started and what foundation you need to lay to set yourself up to maybe reach the “PLANET of RICHES”
Lesson 4: Galactic Espionage – Learn how to understand and keep a sharp eye on your competition! And learn how to improve your business based on what they are doing.
Lesson 5: Space Flyers – Lesson 5 will show you way to get the Word out and how to being to advertise and get the public to know you and product or services.
Lesson 6: Finding Supplies – All entrepreneurs need tools and supplies to get business done. Here we will teach you how to find those supplies and tools while learning to be resourceful.
Lesson 7: Attack Strategy – This lesson will connect to Lesson #2 and you will learn how to prepare to execute your plan.
Lesson 8: Broke In Space – Here you will learn how to develop and keep good money record keeping habits so hopefully your business does not go “BROKE”. Keeping good numbers helps you know when you have a PROFIT and you will learn this is something Investors are impressed with!
Lesson 9: Intergalactic Law – All businesses need to be and stay legal. We’ll cover this here in lesson 9.
Lesson 10:  First Contact – It’s time for some Action!!   Learn and gain the confidence to sell and make contact with your market!

And those above are the STUDENT LESSONS! 

Parents, Educators and Trainers, we haven’t forgotten about you!  We have an Instructor side as well! 

Instructor Side:

Instructor Side of Online Venture Launch is a hands-on, activity-based program that guides students in grades 6-12 through the decision-making and planning process of starting a business. The program can be taught in 30 hours, or expanded to as many as 50 hours by allowing students to do additional research, cybertours of business, and challenge activities.

The Teacher Online Venture Launch is a comprehensive curriculum full of learning experiences that meet the needs of all types of learners and teachers. Additional components of the Teacher Venture Launch self-study program include:

Over 35 Venture launch activities that get students up and moving, interacting as a community of learners, and engaged in content
Links to dozens of Websites that provide business resources, government information, and forms for running a business And much more!

The Instructor side of Venture Launch is broken down into lessons (mirrors the student side for easy instructor monitoring). In each Instructor lesson, you are provided plans that focus on: business vocabulary words, journal assignment, class discussion, class project and the Venture Launch Instructor tip! The plans are for each corresponding lesson the student will navigate inside of Online Venture Launch!

Also, students will have the chance to be exposed to the Master Mentor Interviews! Conducted in person by YoungBiz USA CEO Nick Rodriguez!  - In these Interviews Nick Rodriguez interviews successful business persons. The interviews are awesome and can provide great insights, motivation and tips which are perfect for the YOUNG business mind!


Bonus #1: Business Today Leader Guide and Student Guide! The Curriculum in Digital PDF Format! (Value $61.00) 

Business Today is a one-semester curriculum that provides high school students with an in-depth look at business ownership. Using a real-world approach, students learn the stages of a business start-up and are prepared with a working business plan to begin an entrepreneurial venture — not “someday,” but today. Business Today is aligned with the national standards for entrepreneurship courses published by the National Business Education Association (NBEA), as well as the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (Columbus, OH). Works great with Online Venture Launch and can serve as tool to supplement additional lessons, classroom assignments and activities.

 Bonus #2:  (EBook) The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need! (Value $20.00)

This book covers the skills necessary to become successful – whether you are selling products, services, or a derivative of both. It is fascinating to note that the topics covered here by Celebrity Experts®, most of which are marketing related, include: – Ways to build a business – Use of Social Media – Planning & Strategies for Businesses – Brands & Branding – Determination, Motivation & Commitment – Advertising in the New Economy – Mindset & Passion – The importance of ethics in business These subjects are covered by business icons that include Brian Tracy, Leigh Steinberg, Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand, and Chris Attwood & Janet Bray Attwood, among others. The wealth of business information in this book from Celebrity Experts® authors make it a must-read. This Ebook is a perfect resources for instructors and students who can review over 20 chapters of business related topics to help provide tips and business tools that can only enhance their Online Venture Launch Experience! Not to mention the tips are provided by some of our Nation’s top business people!!

   Bonus #3: (Ebook) Growing an Enterprise! (Value $26.00)

Growing an Enterprise is a 21-chapter “reader” that explains the basics of how to start, manage, and expand a business. Students learn to recognize money-making opportunities, write business plans, develop sales presentations, and launch real business enterprises. This book includes templates for a 20-page business plan and a basic record-keeping system.

 You get ALL this as part of the Online Venture Launch!

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